Dec, 2019

Kaduna Polytechnic Chronicles For December

The broadening collaboration between Kaduna Polytechnic and Kaduna State University is moving a notch further. At a recent conference on renewable energy jointly organized by both institutions and hosted by the former, we got a hint of the evolving synergy now sealed in a Memorandum of Understanding. The signing came with a project to booth- a solar powered electric motorcycle, which is yet a work in progress but offers limitless prospects ahead. It is leading this edition.

Nov, 2019

Kaduna Polytechnic Chronicles For November

On the average, 24 hours is a long time when events grind slowly. So how about 12 months just strolling past, as if it wasn`t done yet? On a plane of rapid occurrences, we have found that, in the passing of time, a full year presents a scorecard by which the new management can be assessed. So, Deputy Editor, Godwin Ayegba reels out the major highlights of what has changed with Kaduna Polytechnic, after Prof. Idris Muhammad Bugaje assumed office, October, last year.

Oct, 2019

Kaduna Polytechnic Chronicles For October

The maiden edition, Inroad to New opportunities was an encouraging head start.\r\nThe Editorial Team is humbled by the\r\nreception and kind observations, including\r\ncorrections. We require more to even do better. Keep\r\nthe tonics coming!

May, 2019

Kaduna Polytechnic Chronicles

April turned out a colourful month with a beehive of Aactivities in the institution, the foremost of which is the 2018/2019 matriculation. We lead with it this edition, for its significance. The numbers are encouraging, and the message from the Rector is noteworthy. The digits indicate that, Kaduna Polytechnic retains its A list position among institutions of choice in its esteemed category. As for the message, it was both apt and instructive. The propensity for deviant behavior among young adults being newly enrolled may challenge the sanctity of the learning space, and it makes real sense speaking to the issues quite frankly and at the very beginning, with the eloquence which the Deputy Rector, Academics, Dr. Rosemary Kato is known, on behalf of the Rector, Prof. Idris Muhammad Bugaje.