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Degree Programmes Now Ready to Rollout

Degree Programmes Now Ready to Rollout in Kaduna Polytechnic

Kadpoly Chronicle: What are the objective of the school of Undergraduate studies? Dean: First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity. I was appointed Dean School of Undergraduate studies in November last year and I was charged with three responsibilities. One is to coordinate all activities in affili a tion with Ahmadu Be llo University, Zaria and FUT Minna. The second is to make sure that the examinations are processed and passed to the respective Senate of these universities and any other duty assigned by the Rector and Registrar. Hopefully, the new courses will commence with seven departments. They are Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Building and Urban and Regional Planning. Already, there are seven departments that are in affiliation with ABU Zaria while FUT Minna coordinates the Education department. It is also supposed to be under this Deanery, but at the moment we don`t do much with regards to those in affiliation with ABU, since the programme was initially suspended. Kadpoly Chronicle: What is the reason for the suspension of the programme and when is it expected to take off fully? Dean: The initial plan was for us to have started last year. The permission was granted late and we were not fully captured by JAMB. That was the problem. It was at the end of the admission that, the final approval came in and we began calling for interested applicants. JAMB had opened the portal, but there were problems with the interface. That is supposed to be created by JAMB so that Kadpoly can be able to access certain information. But JAMB cannot create that interface because they needed carrying capacity and carrying capacity can only be approved by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC). The Polytechnic cannot write to NUC directly; we have to follow through ABU Zaria and that process took a long time. So, before we could secure these arrangements, it was a bit late. It became crucial for the Rector to recommend that, we suspend the programme as at then, so that, if we finally secure the JAMB portal, we can get our students directly. That was why we delayed take off. At the moment, we are waiting for this just concluded JAMB, and we expect to have